When my time comes

When my final time comes, to go and see my maker
Don’t spend your hard earned money, on a fancy undertaker
Please bury me instead, under the sugar plum tree
For the birds to sing above me, that’s where I’d rather be

I need not a fancy rock, with my name upon it
No concrete frame, marble top, don’t worry about it
Let wild flowers and green grass cover me above
Let me find at long last, eternal peace and love

There in early spring I’ll be, hugged by the flowers
Butterflies and honey bees, will visit me as lovers
Later on will come the birds, to sample fruit on a tree
Underground at long last, a happy soul I’ll be

Never again will I be, lonely and alone
I will sleep eternal sleep, Soul to God be gone
So I ask you my friend, forgive my sins to you
I would never do you wrong, you must know it’s true

Gold and Silver Earthly Treasures, I value not at all
More valuable is a loyal friend, with a trusty soul
So my friend who you be, hear my final plea
Don’t bury me under concrete, but under sugar plum tree

© Frank Tot-Koren - The Summit - 8.12 2007